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Astrokidz INC is an eminent name of the playground equipment industry last 3 decades in Bilaspur. We are offering designing, manufacturing, suppliers, installation, and maintenance services of playground equipment in Bilaspur. As a leading playground equipment manufacturer in Bilaspur, We have a team of professionals and engineers to fulfill your playground needs. Our playground equipment factory is located near to Bilaspur. We are the biggest playground suppliers in Bilaspur for Park, Schools, gardens, Housing society, and municipal corporations. Our aim is to design playground equipment that make children’s healthy, physically and mentally strong. We offer play school equipment at best price in Bilaspur. We have special offer for park play equipments, children play equipments, garden play equipments, amusement park equipments, water park equipments and play schools equipments in Bilaspur.

Astrokidz INC is leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor playground equipment in Bilaspur. We have huge range of play equipment for small playgrounds, big playground, commercial uses and also for public uses. These equipments are easily install at different places includes public parks, park, school, mall, resort, restaurant, apartment complex, farm house, shopping complex, garden, playschool, day care, hotels, college, society and many more places. We deal in different types of equipment includes swing, slide, sea-saw, rider, thriller, merry go round, climber, monkey bar, disc changer, toy train and many more. These are available in different colour, size, style, themes, shapes, design. Play equipment are highlighted the area where is gathering of children and family seen like in amusement park, water park, society park, apartment park, garden park, playground, community park, garden, school, playschool etc.

Children’s play equipment in Bilaspur : We are manufacturer of children play equipment in Bilaspur. We deal in different range of children’s play equipment garden. We provide also children’s play equipment for small garden as well as for large garden. We also provide services for children’s play equipment in park. We deal in different types of playground equipment for children. These includes children play equipment money bars, children play equipment climber, sea-saw, merry go round, rider, swing etc.

We are supplier and dealer of children’s playground equipment and different children playground climbing equipment. We provide children’s playground equipment names are given with specification. These children’s playground equipment for sale are available.

School Playground Equipment in Bilaspur : We are the leading manufacturer of school outdoor play equipment. We are the dealer of different school play equipment. School is the place for only increase their mental strength it is as well as for increase their physical ability. The school playground equipment is very beneficial to create interest to play outside with safety. These are safe and attractive kid play equipment. These kid outdoor play equipment are easy to install at require places. These are best for big kid play equipment as well as for small kid play equipment. These are available in attractive design and colour. These are best for indoor as well as for outdoor equipment. We have a huge list of kids playground indoor equipment and kids playground outdoor equipment. We only focus on providing best kid playground equipment. We also provide garden play equipment that are available in beautiful design. There is different school play equipment supplier in Bilaspur and school outdoor play equipment suppliers, but we are the manufacturer that only provide quality products. Our playground equipment cost is low compare to other. We have different type of school playground climbing equipment, slides, sea- saw, merry go round, swing, rider, climber and many more.

Toddler play zone : We are the manufacturer of toddler play item and different toddler play zone. We also provide toddler play area design. We have variety of toddler fell off playground equipment. We deal in toddler commercial playground equipment, as well as for toddler playground equipment home also. We provide toddler playground equipment that satisfy need of toddler indoor playground equipment and toddler playground equipment outdoor. We are able to provide toddler soft playground equipment that is complete package of toddler soft play playground equipment. We have list of equipment that includes toddler swing playground equipment, toddler slide playground equipment, toddler see-saw play equipment and different types of toddlers play equipment at reasonable cost.

Park playground equipments in Bilaspur : We are leading brand of different types of park playground equipment, these are available with park playground name and specification. The Park structure playground equipment are available in different design and shapes. we have park leisure playground equipment that provide good look to your playground. We also provide the park playground equipment name with picture. The Park playground equipment for sale is also available. We are park playground equipment manufacturers that provide park playground equipment design according to the given area.

Indoor playground equipments in Bilaspur : We are the manufacturer of indoor playground equipment. These indoor playground equipment for home are available. These are easy to install and available in different colour and design. We have huge range of indoor soft play playground equipment. These indoor toddler playground equipment does not harm the skin of small child. And the indoor playground equipment cost is less compared to the other.

Outdoor play equipments in Bilaspur : we are the outdoor playground manufacturers in Bilaspur. This outdoor commercial playground equipment is very beneficial for different places. the outdoor children’s playground equipment makes the children physical strength and also increase their social ability. The outdoor school playground equipment includes different types of play equipment includes swing, slide, disc challenger, rider, climber, monkey bar, swing, see- saw, balancer, merry go round, roundabout and many more.

Play equipment in Bilaspur : We are play equipment manufacturer in Bilaspur and play equipment supplier. Our play equipment name, size, shape and specification can be check prior the order. We provide play equipment for garden, play equipment for school, play equipment for park, play equipment for playschool, play equipment for society, play equipment for kinder garden and at different places. The outdoor play equipment easy to install and available in different design, colour combination, shapes and with different feature. We also provide the soft play equipment that is best fun for the kids to play indoor. The soft play equipment are also available in different theme and attractive design. We are expert in provide different design for the soft play area. We can provide the design to any given area.

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